«A piece of Sky»
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Clerkenwell Design Week, London
22−24 May 2018

Interview with architect and designer
Stephan Huerlemann

With "A Piece of Sky" Sky-Frame brings a piece of the sky itself down to the surface of the earth and puts it in the context of London. read more

Interview with architect and designer
Stephan Huerlemann

With "A Piece of Sky" Sky-Frame brings a piece of the sky itself down to the surface of the earth and puts it in the context of London.

How long have you worked together with Sky-Frame and in what capacity?

The collaboration began in 2012 with the design of the installation “Night of the full moon”. Subsequently, I designed all the exhibition stand and point of sale concepts for Sky-Frame and was closely involved in the development of the new headquarters in Switzerland.


What was Sky-Frame’s design brief?

When designing the installation at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018, Sky-Frame gave me total freedom. It was clear to me from the very beginning that the installation had to tell an exciting story that evoked positive feelings. Of course, I was also guided by the Sky-Frame brand. I did not want to show frameless windows, but I wanted to convey the values of the company on a metalevel. It was my aim to design an installation that would invite visitors to interact and like this offer them an experience.  At the same time the installation should work regardless of where it is shown – to lay a foundation for a story that can be told longer.


What was your inspiration behind A Piece of Sky?

With “A Piece of Sky” Sky-Frame brings a piece of heaven to earth and puts it in the context of London. We will give visitors to the garden at St James Church a beautiful view of the earth and a moment to pause. The installation plays strongly with the duality of inside and outside – in principle, it is exactly what Sky-Frame does with its frameless windows. With “A Piece of Sky” we take the whole thing to the top by catapulting the visitors into space and offering them a beautiful and surprising view down to the earth.


What message are you hoping to convey through this installation?

I would like the installation to transport people away from their hectic everyday lives for a few seconds. And I hope it offers to them a beautiful experience that gets stuck.


What other projects are you working on?

I am currently working on many exciting projects. In the field of architecture, my studio and I are involved in the redesign of the UBS headquarters. We are also developing a totally flexible office for various customers. In this context I am currently developing a product family with one of the most important office furniture manufacturers worldwide. Further projects in the design area are bathroom fittings for Sanitas Trösch. And I have finished the “Appenzell” door latch collection for Glutz and the new generation of premium loudspeakers for Piega.


Which other brands are you closely aligned with?

I am fortunate to have many longstanding clients. I have been working with the Swiss loudspeaker producer Piega for a long time, who have made me their external Art Director. Over the last eight years I have made products, trade fair stands and installations for Bauwerk Parkett. And since 2002 I have been collaborating very successfully with horgenglarus, Switzerland’s oldest chair and table manufacturer, with whom I just presented the installation Giant with Dwarf at Milan Design Week 2018.


Where you do you get your inspirations from?

I have the best ideas while running although I do not go often enough so I have to think a lot in the office or in the car!


Did you always want to be a designer?

No. I became a designer by chance. I studied architecture, was a professional musician and was manager of a band for three years. Fortunately, today, I love my job as a designer.


Where did you train as a designer?

I joined the studio of the well-known designer Hannes Wettstein in 2002 as an architect and managing director. In 2006 he made me a partner. Before Hannes passed away in 2008, he asked me to continue the studio. Initially, I was primarily concerned with the architectural designs. However, in 2011, realising that the design department was weak, I started to draft the design myself. My concepts were successful, and by default discovered my passion for design.


Can you tell me a little about your career history, before you set up on your own?

About Stephan Huerlemann


Is there one item that you would like to design but have yet to do so?

Offices for Apple and a contemporary throne for Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.

frameless sliding doors made
in Switzerland.

About Sky-Frame
"A Piece of Sky" catapults people into space and takes them away from their hectic everyday lives for a few seconds. Hear astronauts talking about what they think and feel when they see the earth from space. The music is the sound of the planet earth, recorded by NASA.

Behind the sky

Take a glimpse behind the Sky

    your piece of sky

    Take a beautiful view of the world, or rather the sky and a moment of pause, in a relatively restless and heterogeneous place.

      Our installation has been placed at
      St James Church, EC1R 0EB

      Our pop-up showroom “A Piece of Sky” no. 101 has been located at St James Church. Please see the online map for all 2018 locations and events.